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February 26, 2011

A case of restaurant envy

I know we have just been talking about losing weight and eating healthier, but today I want to talk about eating out.  I have had “restaurant envy” of a lot of my friends for a long time.  By this I mean when we eat out we eat at the same places every time.  I have friends who eat, or have eaten, at several places that I have wanted to try but never have.  I just don’t find myself out of my “bubble” very often.

Today, because of a busy morning and evening plans, I ate out twice.  Both times at a restaurant I had never been to before!!  We had breakfast at Kolache Factory because we were in the area and had a coupon.  It was so yummy!  It’s that sweet cabbage biscuit like bread with anything you want baked inside.  So good.  We had dinner at Fred P. Otts.  It’s a bar/grill that serves burgers and sandwiches.  Was looking forward to the onion rings, but they were out of them.  Bummer.  I did have a turkey club and a side salad.  It was good food, the atmosphere was fun, and the waitress was great.  Yay me, two new restaurants in one day!  Ha!

So, let the comments flow…what are YOUR favorite restaurants in the KC area??  Which places are better for breakfast?  Lunch?  Dinner?  With kids?  Without?  What do you order at these places?  It will be fun to see if there are any restaurants mentioned more than once.


February 25, 2011

Loving the woman in the mirror

In semi reply to/conjunction with Angela’s post this morning I have some thoughts that have been running through my mind today definitely, but really over the last few weeks.  This morning my daughter, K, and I were in my bathroom getting ready for the day.  She said “Mommy that is a REALLY pretty shirt you have on. Is it new?” I said “No.  I wear it all the time” to which she quickly replied “I have never seen it.”   Before I even thought about it I blurted out “Well I always wear it under a sweater so you can’t see my fat”.  She scowled at me and said “You are not fat, mommy…you are beautiful.  You should be proud of who you are. I am.”

After immediately tearing up I hugged and thanked her for being such a “sweet pea”.  These little ones hear our words as expectations of how they should look.  Just as we have learned from magazines and other forms of media what you’re “supposed” to look like.  These women’s  bodies are their careers. They have unlimited budgets to spend on custom prepared and delivered meals , personal trainers, hair and makeup artists on call 24/7…and the list goes on and on.  But somehow we believe those are the naturally REAL pretty women. And I see it happening in my own household.

Now…don’t get me wrong.  I am in no way using this as an excuse NOT to try to lose weight and get into a healthier me. It’s a need, not just a want.  After a year of lonely depression followed by a superbly cold winter of eating…as my woman Oprah says, “It’s time to put yourselves back on your to-do list.”

Starting March 1st, as it is the first day I can sign up on my new cheap plan through the school district, I am going to leave work daily at 4:30 and work out at the YMCA for an hour before picking up K.  I have to go there to pick her up anyway, so this is really a win win no excuses plan.  And…with my new job it is only about $20 a month for the whole family. Perfection.  And while I would really LOVE to lose a good 60 pounds, its more about being HEALTHIER and loving myself again.  For those of you sitting next to me on the HMS Self Loathing…lets embark on this together!  

Here are a few suggestions on how we are going to start loving the body we were given and make it work for us, improving our own body image.

  1. Try and not weigh yourself. Go by how you feel. If you are at the gym exercising regularly and eating well, throw the scale away. You don’t need it if you’re doing everything else correctly. It just leads to obsession!
  2. Surround yourself with realistic images of women. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and stop perusing through US Weekly, Cosmo and Vogue in the grocery line.
  3. Look for clothes that compliment your OWN body shape and size… NOT THE ONE YOU WANT TO HAVE. Wearing clothes that fit you properly and look good on YOU will help you feel better. However, please note, external beauty isn’t only about your size. It’s about how you carry yourself, your confidence, your aura. Stop those negative thoughts.
  4. Exercise. Do something 3-6 times a week that makes you sweat. The endorphins do great things for your brain. They give you feelings of euphoria. It will in turn have beneficial results on your body. It’s a whole positive cycle.
  5. You’re gonna have to be with yourself for a very long time. Treat yourself kindly. Wake up gently. Grab a cup of warm tea. Shower with care. Get ready slowly if you can. Take a hot bath at night with lavender or chamomile oil or salts. It’s not realistic every day, but pampering yourself makes you feel better. And when you feel better in your brain, it shows everywhere.

I have a hard time especially with the last one. I don’t do good with “me time” and treating myself very nicely.  I focus more on getting things done around the house and for the family to slow down enough for MY needs.  Lets cut ourselves some slack…learning to love yourself inside and out is a process.  Keep me posted on your wins and struggles as will I!


February 25, 2011

The Biggest Loser??

I am overweight.  I know this about myself.  I have tried to lose weight thousands of times.  I stink at it.  I say I will be in a contest with my friends to see who can lose the most weight and I end up gaining.  I don’t really feel like I eat things that are bad for me, I just really like food.  Portion control is definitely my issue, hence the whole bag of salad.

I go through stages of thinking “my husband loves me just the way I am”, “my kids love me the way I am”, “I should be satisfied with me the way I am”.  Then I go through stages where I think “how much healthier would I be if I lost weight?” “how much more fun would I be with more energy?” “what cute clothes I could wear if I wasn’t so big”  The stage I am in now says that all of those things are true, but that for the good of my family and most especially for me, I should lose some weight.

That being said I am going to move more.  I am going to watch my portions.  I am going to focus on eating healthy fresh foods.  I have found some recipes that I love that will help me in this endeavor.  One of them is for a homemade sherbet and I have posted it here.  What are you doing to stay healthy and maybe even drop a few pounds?  Let’s do it together!  Let’s share recipes, work out ideas, motivation, and encouragement.  We can do it!  For our families and for ourselves!  Now, I’m getting up off the couch to MOVE!


February 24, 2011

Dora the Explorer-The Next Food Network Star or…what to watch on Thursday nights

My kids have tomorrow off school, so that puts a jump start on my weekend planning.  Starting with the most IMPORTANT question…what are we going to EAT!?!?!?!  Since the move I have become an expert at weekday menu planning, but if you live in the Prekel household the weekends are reserved for watching Food Network and trying anything that looks remotely edible.  Not much planning involved because Mike wants to make what he wants to make right NOW, which involves about 17 trips to the grocery store over a two day span.  But…we eat some pretty yummy food, so I shant complain.

Last week for Valentines we tried our hand at making sushi at home. Mike has always wanted to so I bought him all the stuff he needed for V Day.  And when I say we I mean he, while I sat and watched and cleaned up after him, like usual.  Here is the outcome.

It was SUPER tasty, but I am all sushied out for a while.  This weekend I am hoping to try Aarti’s Indian Omelet for breakfast Saturday morning and Marcela Valladolid’s Veracruz-Style Tilapia for dinner on Saturday night.  If you aren’t a crazy Food Network stalker like we are and do not know who Marcela Valladolid is…she is what Dora the Explorer will be like in 15 years.  Not kidding. Looks, sound and ACTS like Dora.  And on Sunday I am going to have Paula Deen’s Beef Stroganoff. I love it. And because I already know I love it I have posted it in our favorite recipes section to the right.  If the two new recipes above make the cut I will add them as well, but I haven’t had a bad one yet from either of these ladies.  If any of you decide to try these this weekend, let me know what your thoughts are and if you made any changes or will in the future!

However, before I can embark on the scrumpdidiliumptiousness that is the weekend-o-food, its TV night baby!  Vampire Diaries, Greys, Private Practice, The Office, Big Bang Theory, Outsourced…and thats just what I DVR!  And they say Thursday nights are dying. Puhleez.

-Kari (Savory)

February 24, 2011

It reads like a status update

These are random things on my mind today.

The weather.  It was 72 degrees last weekend and beautiful!  Currently it is 33 and raining ice at my house with the probability of snow tonight.  These constant extreme changes in the temperature are playing havoc on my sinuses.

Molly.  She is complaining of headaches a lot and so clingy/whiny.  I hope it is a stage?  I have taken her to the eye dr and ruled that out.  Tuesday she got a chiropractic adjustment, maybe that will help. 

Joshua’s birthday.  He will be 8 next week.  I have no idea what to get him.  I thought an e-reader would be a good idea, Tom doesn’t.  So, I am at a loss and I need to get a move on.

Books.  I read the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and it was great!  Totally not a book I would have picked for myself, it was given to me by a friend.  It is like science fiction meets romance.  It was so weird, exciting, disturbing, and sweet.  I highly recommend this series.  Now searching for something else to read.  Suggestions?


February 23, 2011

One year down, goodbye goodnites and did you cut random pieces of your hair?!?!?!

It doesn’t seem at all possible that we LIVE in Fargo, North Dakota, let alone have lived here for a whole year. I try to think back at where I found myself a year after we moved to the Kansas City area. I had JUST started the adult portion of my friendship with Angela. I was about 4 or 5 months pregnant with K and didn’t really “hang out” with anyone other than my sister and her family. When I actually take stock…we are doin pretty good. I have a great job, a couple of cooky friends we hang out with, kids are doing well and finally getting involved in church stuff. Looking for a house to rent until Z graduates. By then we will have been here 3 ½ years and know whether or not we want to stay or continue to gypsy it up. Nomads we are. People think we are crazy, but I like having these different seasons and experiences in this little adventure we call the Prekel life. Neither of us were ever destined to stay in one place for long. We meet people who have been in one place forever and it makes us scratch our heads. It’s just not in us. The school district had me sign all kinds of retirement paperwork and I laughed to myself. If they only knew…

The other VERY exciting thing happening in the Prekel household is that K is FINALLY sleeping without wearing goodnites. WOOT!  Of course she is having accidents, but thanks to the vinyl mattress cover this just means I wash her sheets more often. The good thing is that for the past three nights she has woke up about 3am and went to the bathroom. Her body is getting in the habit of waking in the middle of the night.  For those of you with kids still in this phase…have no fear. It WILL end someday, and DON’T feel like you are alone:

  • Five to seven million kids in the United States wet the bed.
  • 20% of 4- to 12-year-olds wet the bed.
  • 72% of kids who wet the bed will outgrow it by the time they’re 11–99% by age 15.

Speaking of K…although I am super proud of her accomplishment in the non peeing arena…I think she just might be the biggest liar of all time. I dunno…you tell me.  My darling princess recently turned 8. Wait, maybe I should start with Halloween first. Rewind. My little blond goldilocks wanted to be a vampire bride for halloween. I don’t know if YOU guys know this, but vampire brides only have straight, dark brown hair.  I allowed her to use the brown temporary lasts 24 shampoo color on her hair.  Whats 3 weeks right? And we had used it before and it did indeed wash out in about 24 shampoos.  Besides, her roots were getting darker and darker anyway. Eventually she was going to be a brunette. Needless to say, it never turned back blonde. But its grown out at least 4 inches and there is no difference in her roots and the rest.  And for her birthday, she wanted a more grown up hair do.   As you can see in the photo…cute hair cut. Of course the stylist stacked the back a little after I explicitly told her NOT to, but thats what they do. I think they all have a God complex. Weirdos. Im the mom. Im the one who has to DO the hair every day. Don’t you think I know enough about my childs hair that I brush and style and wash ALL OF THE TIME to know that her curly hair will need flat ironed EVERY morning if you cut it off short in the back? Oh…sorry. What was I thinking? YOU know best because you work at Super Cuts. My bad. Anywho…back to my daughter being a liar.  The last few days I have noticed weird little pieces of hair about 3 inches long sticking up all over the place. They were NOT there before. You can see this in the picture… nothin there. It wont lay down. There are about 5 of them total. She SWEARS she didnt cut it. I even asked if her friend Megan cut it. Nope. I refer back to an old Bill Cosby routine…SOMEBODY DID IT! I give up.


February 23, 2011

The Adventure Begins…

Yay!  I am so excited about this new blog I actually cried!  I hope this will be a fun place to communicate, share ideas, and be real with each other…all while keeping it interesting!

So, let’s talk about cooking!  I have been in a place the last few weeks where I have really wanted to expand what I have been cooking for my family.  We are pretty good eaters, not a lot of picky, so I wanted to try new things.  I sought out these new recipes on Food Network, one of my favorite channels!  I have always DVR’d my friend Aarti’s show, Aarti Party, and lately I have added Rachael Ray’s “Week in a Day” to the DVR schedule.  I have also searched all my Pampered Chef resources for some fun new meal ideas.

All that being said I tried a few new things this week.  Here is a list of them:

Blue Cheese and Bacon Potato Crisps–they were good!  I am not a blue cheese fan, so in making them again I would use a different cheese, but my husband, who loves blue cheese, loved them!

Tilapia Fish Tacos with Homemade Mango Salsa–the fish turned out great, the chipotle mayonnaise, not so much.  The mango salsa was really good and tasted great on the fish.  The drawback to the taco was the corn tortilla, I don’t like them, I tried.

Roasted Root Vegetable Soup with Mini Grilled Cheese Croutons–this was a recipe I had high hopes for since it is really nutritious and looked great on tv.  It was…horrible!  Bless my family, they smiled and ate it, Joshua even said he liked it.  It was grainy and the texture wasn’t ideal.   The mini grilled cheese croutons were, however, very yummy!

I know what I started out looking for was something new to make for dinner so I wouldn’t hear “chicken, again?”.  This search should have taken me to recipes I know my family would love, were relatively easy to prepare, and didn’t cost me a ton in grocery money.  Where I went wrong was trying to be what I am not.  I am not an organic cook, I am not someone who enjoys a meal made entirely of vegetables, I am not fancy.  I am a good cook, I am someone who enjoys making the meal almost as much as eating it, I am someone who wants to eat healthier.  So, I am going to keep searching for recipes that are fun, healthy, and taste great.  I am going to keep trying new things…I will let you know how it goes!



February 22, 2011

Our first step on this new journey together

If you are wondering what or why this new blog came to be…please read the “About the Girls” section at the top of our page.  This is not a new idea. There are joint blogs all over the web, but this one is OURS! And I think I speak for both of us when I say it is VERY exciting!

This will be a place where we share stories about our families, recipes we tried and loved…or hated. We want to tell you about the DO NOT TRIES as well. And basically a place where moms, wives, sisters, friends can share, learn and support.  And knowing us, probably laugh.  At any rate, its a way to stay connected.

Harry: “What does this song mean? My whole life, I don’t know what this song means. It means ‘Should old acquaintance be forgot.’ Does that mean we that should forget old acquaintances or does it mean that if we should happen to forget them, we should remember them which is not possible because we already forgot?”

Sally: “Well maybe it just means that maybe we should remember that we forgot them or something. Anyway, it’s about old friends”

(When Harry Met Sally)