Our first step on this new journey together

If you are wondering what or why this new blog came to be…please read the “About the Girls” section at the top of our page.  This is not a new idea. There are joint blogs all over the web, but this one is OURS! And I think I speak for both of us when I say it is VERY exciting!

This will be a place where we share stories about our families, recipes we tried and loved…or hated. We want to tell you about the DO NOT TRIES as well. And basically a place where moms, wives, sisters, friends can share, learn and support.  And knowing us, probably laugh.  At any rate, its a way to stay connected.

Harry: “What does this song mean? My whole life, I don’t know what this song means. It means ‘Should old acquaintance be forgot.’ Does that mean we that should forget old acquaintances or does it mean that if we should happen to forget them, we should remember them which is not possible because we already forgot?”

Sally: “Well maybe it just means that maybe we should remember that we forgot them or something. Anyway, it’s about old friends”

(When Harry Met Sally)



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