One year down, goodbye goodnites and did you cut random pieces of your hair?!?!?!

It doesn’t seem at all possible that we LIVE in Fargo, North Dakota, let alone have lived here for a whole year. I try to think back at where I found myself a year after we moved to the Kansas City area. I had JUST started the adult portion of my friendship with Angela. I was about 4 or 5 months pregnant with K and didn’t really “hang out” with anyone other than my sister and her family. When I actually take stock…we are doin pretty good. I have a great job, a couple of cooky friends we hang out with, kids are doing well and finally getting involved in church stuff. Looking for a house to rent until Z graduates. By then we will have been here 3 ½ years and know whether or not we want to stay or continue to gypsy it up. Nomads we are. People think we are crazy, but I like having these different seasons and experiences in this little adventure we call the Prekel life. Neither of us were ever destined to stay in one place for long. We meet people who have been in one place forever and it makes us scratch our heads. It’s just not in us. The school district had me sign all kinds of retirement paperwork and I laughed to myself. If they only knew…

The other VERY exciting thing happening in the Prekel household is that K is FINALLY sleeping without wearing goodnites. WOOT!  Of course she is having accidents, but thanks to the vinyl mattress cover this just means I wash her sheets more often. The good thing is that for the past three nights she has woke up about 3am and went to the bathroom. Her body is getting in the habit of waking in the middle of the night.  For those of you with kids still in this phase…have no fear. It WILL end someday, and DON’T feel like you are alone:

  • Five to seven million kids in the United States wet the bed.
  • 20% of 4- to 12-year-olds wet the bed.
  • 72% of kids who wet the bed will outgrow it by the time they’re 11–99% by age 15.

Speaking of K…although I am super proud of her accomplishment in the non peeing arena…I think she just might be the biggest liar of all time. I dunno…you tell me.  My darling princess recently turned 8. Wait, maybe I should start with Halloween first. Rewind. My little blond goldilocks wanted to be a vampire bride for halloween. I don’t know if YOU guys know this, but vampire brides only have straight, dark brown hair.  I allowed her to use the brown temporary lasts 24 shampoo color on her hair.  Whats 3 weeks right? And we had used it before and it did indeed wash out in about 24 shampoos.  Besides, her roots were getting darker and darker anyway. Eventually she was going to be a brunette. Needless to say, it never turned back blonde. But its grown out at least 4 inches and there is no difference in her roots and the rest.  And for her birthday, she wanted a more grown up hair do.   As you can see in the photo…cute hair cut. Of course the stylist stacked the back a little after I explicitly told her NOT to, but thats what they do. I think they all have a God complex. Weirdos. Im the mom. Im the one who has to DO the hair every day. Don’t you think I know enough about my childs hair that I brush and style and wash ALL OF THE TIME to know that her curly hair will need flat ironed EVERY morning if you cut it off short in the back? Oh…sorry. What was I thinking? YOU know best because you work at Super Cuts. My bad. Anywho…back to my daughter being a liar.  The last few days I have noticed weird little pieces of hair about 3 inches long sticking up all over the place. They were NOT there before. You can see this in the picture… nothin there. It wont lay down. There are about 5 of them total. She SWEARS she didnt cut it. I even asked if her friend Megan cut it. Nope. I refer back to an old Bill Cosby routine…SOMEBODY DID IT! I give up.



4 Comments to “One year down, goodbye goodnites and did you cut random pieces of your hair?!?!?!”

  1. Yay K! 8?!? Who can believe the years have gone by so fast? Ugh. I love her new haircut too! It’s so funny that kids at this age are aware that if I lie, I might not get into trouble. When they are younger they are brutally honest and say whatever they think and they don’t realize that their honest admissions may lead to consequences. “Mommy, I didn’t get any sleep last night because I was playing in my room.” Then, they grow up and become aware that they might be able to outrun their consequences…stinks…one more thing we parents have to be on the lookout for! Especially since the more consequences they outrun the more they think to try. Thankfully we get to go through the same stages together!! Kiss her sweet face for me!!

  2. I love the haircut though. As to the hair color I figure she must be related to her Mom.

  3. can’t believe she went from blonde to brown…all over that dumb twilite series too… ;O

  4. If by younger you mean younger than 2 yes I ageee otherwise my kids really are horrible 😉

    Thanks for letting me ‘eavesdrop’ on your conversation XOXO

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