The Biggest Loser??

I am overweight.  I know this about myself.  I have tried to lose weight thousands of times.  I stink at it.  I say I will be in a contest with my friends to see who can lose the most weight and I end up gaining.  I don’t really feel like I eat things that are bad for me, I just really like food.  Portion control is definitely my issue, hence the whole bag of salad.

I go through stages of thinking “my husband loves me just the way I am”, “my kids love me the way I am”, “I should be satisfied with me the way I am”.  Then I go through stages where I think “how much healthier would I be if I lost weight?” “how much more fun would I be with more energy?” “what cute clothes I could wear if I wasn’t so big”  The stage I am in now says that all of those things are true, but that for the good of my family and most especially for me, I should lose some weight.

That being said I am going to move more.  I am going to watch my portions.  I am going to focus on eating healthy fresh foods.  I have found some recipes that I love that will help me in this endeavor.  One of them is for a homemade sherbet and I have posted it here.  What are you doing to stay healthy and maybe even drop a few pounds?  Let’s do it together!  Let’s share recipes, work out ideas, motivation, and encouragement.  We can do it!  For our families and for ourselves!  Now, I’m getting up off the couch to MOVE!



5 Responses to “The Biggest Loser??”

  1. I’m in. Started gaining since my surgery last summer. Not feeling well made me lose weight as I didn’t feel like eating. Guess that is over. 🙂

  2. Starting next week (because i cant sign up until March 1st) I am going to start leaving work at 4:30 and working out at the Y for one hour before picking up K. I already have to go there, so that makes sense. And…the school district gives me $40 off for working out 12 times per month. That makes it only $20 a month for my whole family! Im so in. And I bought the Biggest Loser game on the wii so I will weigh in with that and compete against past biggest loser contestants. I also NEED to lose weight. I need to lose 40 , want to lose 60. We shall see how this goes : /

    Best of luck to us all! – Savory

  3. I figured out why I can’t lose weight! The shampoo I use in the shower runs down my body and it’s “For Extra Volume and Body”! I’m gonna start using Dawn dishwashing soap because “It Dissolves Fat That’s Otherwise Difficult to Remove”!


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