A case of restaurant envy

I know we have just been talking about losing weight and eating healthier, but today I want to talk about eating out.  I have had “restaurant envy” of a lot of my friends for a long time.  By this I mean when we eat out we eat at the same places every time.  I have friends who eat, or have eaten, at several places that I have wanted to try but never have.  I just don’t find myself out of my “bubble” very often.

Today, because of a busy morning and evening plans, I ate out twice.  Both times at a restaurant I had never been to before!!  We had breakfast at Kolache Factory because we were in the area and had a coupon.  It was so yummy!  It’s that sweet cabbage biscuit like bread with anything you want baked inside.  So good.  We had dinner at Fred P. Otts.  It’s a bar/grill that serves burgers and sandwiches.  Was looking forward to the onion rings, but they were out of them.  Bummer.  I did have a turkey club and a side salad.  It was good food, the atmosphere was fun, and the waitress was great.  Yay me, two new restaurants in one day!  Ha!

So, let the comments flow…what are YOUR favorite restaurants in the KC area??  Which places are better for breakfast?  Lunch?  Dinner?  With kids?  Without?  What do you order at these places?  It will be fun to see if there are any restaurants mentioned more than once.



10 Comments to “A case of restaurant envy”

  1. Mmmm we love Fred P’s. Stonewall pizza is great, Mom’s kitchen…I’ll keep thinking but we don’t get out much.

  2. There is a wonderful little place off 87th that has great biscuits & gravy.
    Sante Fe Cafe. I know the owner & she treats us great, but even when she isnt there is a nice place & the food is so good.
    If Josi behaves we take her too! 🙂 LOL

  3. Yeah for coupons! And kudos for venturing out. I tend to stick with what I know. 😦 paulo and bills off of midland and 435 was the last “new” place I tried. Thot it was pricey. And Tamara didn’t care for the tiramasu. 😦 Have you been to salsaritas? Its like a mexican subway. Chipotle but more options. And I thought they were priced reasonably.

  4. If you want to be adventurous go to the city. They have great restaurants there. LuLu Thai Noodles on Penn way is a great lunch. There is KC Cafe that has an awesome shrimp bisque. Manny’s is pretty good for Mexican. The Brick is a wonderful hole in the wall that was on Diners Drive Ins and Dives not to long ago…sweet potato fries and their pizzas are yummy! A little on the pricey side would be La Bodega – they do tapas – that is a fun place to do with friends. We usually make a day of it. So it is not like we are just going to eat. We hit the Architectural Salvage, Union Station or Crown Center. They have First Friday that are great to see the artwork down at the cross roads. I could go on and on….we love our usuals but we love trying new places all the time.

  5. For a date night… Chaz on the Plaza at the Raphael has WONDERFUL food. McCormick and Schmicks is fantastic, but Angela, I KNOW you have been there. With me! 🙂 For burgers BLANC is my favorite. I like the Westport location. The inside out burger is my FAVE! McCoys in Westport has FABULOUS mac and cheese. Add parmasean crusted chicken or bacon and peas… SO good! Dean and Deluca has great salads and sandwiches for a quick lunch. As far as kids are concerned mine are pretty well behaved and seem to enjoy their parents foody life, so we take them anywhere unless its a date night. Favorite family meal, like franklink above…hibachi. Favorite in KC is Shogun by Sams on 95th. Mmmmmm…..great sushi chef and good food.


  6. Alas Kari–there does no longer exist a “Westport” location of Blanc. Michael and I were SEVERLY disappointed. They moved to the Plaza for space, but as you could guess, then comes the Plaza-type clientele which destroyed the exposed-brick and thrift t-shirt type atmosphere. So sad. The inside out burger is the BEST BURGER IN THE WHOLE CITY!
    Trezo Vino is spendy, but it’s our latest greatest find. The chef is just straight up unreal. SO good. You must try the Ahi Fish Tacos–cannot be missed. The staff is so excellently skilled in describing the cooking methods and ingredients. We won a gift certificate there. SO worth it–this is an anniversary type date night. Our “go to” is Brew Pubs…seriously. With kids! We love Granite City the most as we really are fond of the portabello melt and the shrimp tacos (sense a theme?) and the beer. Mmmm..the Octoberfest is the best beer in America. We like Barleys for the blue cheese tenderloin sandwich with sweet potato fries. We hope to visit the Westside Local this summer and go with the Hastys for Ethiopian at Blue Nile. I could go on–but I’ll spare you. 😉

  7. I totally forgot they were moving to the plaza. Ick. We love brew pubs too. We have a Granite City here, but we never go. There is a little winery in downtown Fargo that we like to go sample. Its our favorite go to at the end of a night downtown. The Granite City in Olathe has a drink called Fun in Fargo! 🙂 Hee hee. Little side note.

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