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Sad to report I weenie out of the recipes over the weekend. The Indian omelet did not make it to our kitchen. After tasting the turmeric I decided I nor the kids would like the omelet and opted to have Mike make a tasty frittata.

It looks like a pizza in this picture, but I assure you it was a ham, cheese, tomato and basil yummy goodness. The Veracruz Tilapia has yet to be made. For some reason I have not felt like fish lately. But I still have the ingredients, so maybe soon. Tonight I feel like having Basil Cream Chicken. But maybe this time I will chunk the chicken instead of leaving breasts whole and put it over a penne pasta. It was SO good last time and I like to follow my cravings.

On a completely different note…I finally have a phone as cool as my husbands. Now this might seem like nothing to some of you, but in my world it’s a VERY big deal. You see…my husband always has to have whatever the latest cool phone out there is. Only in the last year while I was out of work would he even agree to wait until prices went down to order it. He is an instant gratification kind of guy. So obviously when the new HTC EVO came out he HAD to have it RIGHT NOW! And he got it. The way I see it is he works for the money, he can spend it. I had a hard time buying things for myself when I was not working. Just didn’t feel like I deserved anything if I wasn’t contributing monetarily. Anywho…I have a job now, so back to our regularly scheduled program.

I am a texter. I like phones that have a full size slide out QWERTY keyboard. I don’t really like to type on a touch screen. Doesn’t work for me. So when I saw that the EVO Shift was coming out it was like Sprint made it just for me. I was STOKED! Then Mike called and said “I can get you an EVO for cheap from a girl here at work. Its used, but it works fine.” I was all over it. I know me, and when the Shift came out I STILL wouldn’t get it for myself. I can’t spend that much money on “things”. Its like Coach purses. I cannot justify spending upwards of $300 for something to carry gum, a nail file and lipstick in. So I don’t. Not because I don’t enjoy having nice items, but I have a hard time spending money in general. So when this opportunity presented itself I said “YES!” And although it doesn’t have a slide out keyboard…I am learning to type on the touch screen. When I HAVE to. But the cool thing about this phone is that I can just TALK into the phone and it types FOR me! I’m sure most of you already have phones that do this, but as the taker of all free cheap phones….this is new territory for me. And I absolutely love it. I can text people while driving and not put myself or children in danger. I can send EMAILS on it and never have to type a thing. Assuming that it heard me correctly. There are times when I have to correct some things. If you get a text from me that says “she nose its true”, please understand that I am not a moron, just missed it in the proofreading. This morning I emailed myself pics of my daughter at the Ice Show photo session last night…side note…figure skating in Fargo is like Toddlers in Tiaras.

Apparently “carrie freckle at hot mail dot com” is not a valid address.



2 Comments to “carrie freckle at hot mail dot com”

  1. My phone does voice too. I know how to do a google search by voice because there is an obvious microphone icon. I have no idea how to do a voice text or e-mail…enlighten me!

  2. Same obvious microphone. Which is funny you put it that way…I didn’t know what it was until yesterday 🙂 – K

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