Five things I want my children to know about me

There is such a thing in the blog world known as The Friday Club: Friday carnivals. For those of you unfamiliar with carnivals, a carnival is a collection of posts written by different bloggers, each post covering a similar subject.  This weeks is “Five Things I Want My Children To Know About Me”.

I have already blogged today, so I will not be writing all of these from scratch, but posting and tweaking some of others that were posted that jive with things that would make my list.

To my children. I would like you to know a few things about me. You don’t have to read this, you probably won’t, but if you do, know this:

1. I am a woman. Not just your Mom/Mommy/Stepmom/Horrible Woman Upstairs. I existed before you and I will exist after you have spread your wings and flown away. I have dreams, hopes, fears. I am just like you.

2. I love your Dad/Daddy/Father/Enforcer of Rules. He may be a pain. He might not listen in just the way you want him to. He may be sarcastic and silly and he may not get it right with you sometimes. He might fight with me at times (we both deserve it). He may work too hard and not see you as often as you/he/I/we would like but he is my best friend, my soul mate, my love. He is wonderful and he and I will be together after you’ve flown. We will be here if you need us. Always.

3. I like doing dangerous and cool things. Having you has moderated this because it matters that I live…but I still want to do them. When I look in the mirror I see a girl who wants to fly/jump/risk. A girl who wants to scream into the wind. A girl who has so many things left that she wants to do.

4. I also want you to know that I am a big softie. Oh wait, you already know that. When we watch a film, you never see the ending because you all turn to me to see if I am crying.

Yes I am…even if the movie is not sad.

One of you has inherited my soft side and I hope you will never see that as a weakness but as an opportunity to show empathy to other living things.

5. I have a temper and I shout. I’m not proud of this. I’m even less proud to admit that before I had you, I was (and still am underneath) quite a mellow person. I am working on this bit of me harder than I would like to admit publicly but I want you to know that I don’t think it is OK for me to get so annoyed and irritable.

6. I’m a clean freak. If you have inherited that from me, I’m sorry. I know, I hate me too. But I get a lot done – I raise two children, work full time outside of the house and manage to have time for hugs everyday. There are worse things to be. I expect a lot from me but the downside of that is that I expect a lot from you too. I expect you to have good manners, to be hardworking, honest, reliable and respectful. We’ll get there: I have faith and you have good genes.

7. The single most important thing I want you to know about me is that I love you totally and utterly and that I think you are already lovely children who will become wonderful, kind-hearted adults. The world can never have too many of those.

When I am old and I look back on my life, I still think the most important thing I will have done is to make you (you have no idea how ridiculously proud I am of myself when I look at you!) and then guide you to become those wonderful, kind-hearted adults. Then my work will be done because so much else that is good in life stems from that.



One Comment to “Five things I want my children to know about me”

  1. Awww…I cried at some of these. I shall make my kids read this over and over again! ; )

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