Advice from the kids…

I asked the daycare kids and some kids in the neighborhood for some good advice to live by on how to stay happy.  This is what they came up with:

1.  Just Be Happy

2.  Don’t poke a baby in the eye with a stick

3.  Go somewhere fun a couple times a week

4.  Play with legos

5.  Don’t get in a fight with people

6.  Don’t eat babies

7.  Play a lot

8.  Don’t get yelled at

9.  Watch cartoons

10.  (this one comes from me, I heard it on TV) One hour of laughing with friends is equal to a yoga class!!!



One Comment to “Advice from the kids…”

  1. In that case you and I have attended MANY yoga classes together. Look forward to more this summer! 🙂 – K

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