What does the future hold?

On my mind today is my future.  I am currently a home daycare provider with a teaching certificate.  I taught for 10 years and then decided to open a daycare so I could be home with my kids.  I have been blessed in the daycare with good kids and good parents.  I currently have a great group.  All that being said, changes are coming… 

Molly will go to 1st grade next year and be in school all day.  One of my daycare kids will go to Kindergarten next year in another city so he won’t be here.  Another one will start 1st grade and so will only need after school care, drastically reducing what I would charge them.  Another hurdle to continuing daycare is the new Kansas law that all daycares must be licensed.  I am currently registered.  To be licensed might require things I can’t do, for example, putting up a fence.  We can’t afford a fence nor do we want one.  That also means inspections and paperwork hoops to jump through. 

I updated and renewed my teaching certificate so I am able to go back to teaching next year.  At this time, however, because of state budget problems, there are no teaching jobs.  It doesn’t look good for a few years.  I could be a substitute teacher if they unblock the application process.  Right now the way it is in our district is they have enough subs and so have put a block on any new applicants.

As I look toward next year and how I am going to help contribute to my family’s income I get sad and scared.  So, I have avoided it.  The months pass me by and I try not to think about it.  My heart’s desire is to be home with my kids.  I so wish I could just be mom and nothing else.  I wish my Pampered Chef income was enough (who wants to host a show?) : )  Sadly, our budget does not allow for that.  So, I have to make a decision.  Check into what it takes to keep the daycare going and look to fill spots I will have in the fall?  or  Hope a teaching job may come available?  Wait to see if they accept new substitute applications?  What if the answer to both of those questions is no…what then?



4 Comments to “What does the future hold?”

  1. I have been hoping and praying (literally) that you would go back to teaching. I know its where you belong. I know you have enjoyed the daycare and being home with the kids, but really…you will only be missing out on an hour or two with them a day after they are both in school full day. If you don’t work out in timbuktu you won’t spend all the kid time driving and still be home to cook dinner at a decent time. And I don’t know if you remember it, but you had a sparkle about you that I think has been missing since you quit teaching. You LOVE school functions and love from kids. And although you get love from the daycare kids…its different. You like school politics and the same age comraderie that you don’t have on a daily basis with peers. I seriously hope that Mrs. Curry with holiday sweaters makes a comeback soon. 🙂 -K

  2. Oh man… that’s hard. We think about that everyday. If K quit us then I’d be sunk! There is no way we’d be able to afford anyone else. We’d have to make some serious decisions. But I get some encouragement from Savory…they’ve weathered lots of big changes and are all the better for it.

    Love ya!!

  3. I share your “want” to be home with your kids, alas, have not been able to actually do it. Tough choice, positives in both areas: same age interaction vs. breakfast with the kiddos and being home when they get there; doing what you wanted to do “when you grew up” vs. doing what you want to do! I don’t envy your position, but do applaud your openess and willingness to put it out there. Will pray for guidance and a quiet heart to hear it.

    Big Hug,

  4. walk. walk. walk. move in a direction, and take a step. when the path diverts and the road changes, then you know. but if you don’t move your feet, then you’re just standing still wringing your hands. you have already made some moves by staying certified. now the hard part of applying…everywhere!!! and do you only want to be in a school? you might have to be creative…i saw a posting the other day for a corporate trainer, and they get paid slightly more than teachers 🙂
    i’ve been putting feet to my questions on vocation, and wondering about my teaching vs. changing career questions. i put feet to my vocation change questions and moved forward by going to school. the path seemed smooth and answers seemed clear in the fact that my financing and enrollment was smooth sailing. my grief and sense of loss in letting go of what i have done for the last 16 years has caused doubt in me…yet, i continue to lose students. i have lost 3 more families in the last 2 weeks alone. i started this semester with 13 families and am now down to 9. i see now that if i hadn’t put feet to my “what if” situations, then i would find myself in a sticky situation with very little time to work out a solution.
    i commend you for recognizing there are changes for your family on the horizon. i know first hand that it’s unsettling and scary. i look at God’s promises and have hope for an unexpected outcome that is more than i can possibly imagine. and i am choosing to face the challenge and walk.

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