John Steinbeck was right

March is successfully under way…and in my books that means it’s time to start looking forward to summer! Yes we’ve finally started the uphill climb to May. Goodbye boots, so long scarf, adios frostbite! Being from Fargo, it’s a pretty exciting time, spring.

Island Park in April

I love the way Fargoans suddenly come out of hibernation, and people are instantly transformed from moody and cynical to ridiculously jolly as soon as the temperature finally makes it above 15 degrees.  And while that would be considered cold to people in other areas, Fargoans rejoice!  We moved here a year ago this week and while it is colder and snowier today than it was then…I am still excited for the trees to start blooming. And friends to visit.

With me being in a new job, I don’t have much time off this summer to make the trip south, so I am hoping friends and family might visit.   Angela’s family is coming to visit for Memorial Day weekend/week, which I am SO looking forward to.  Should be a relaxing week spent on the lake, playing cards, exploring the woods, reading in the hammock and enjoying the company of friends. As for the Fourth of July there are rumblings of visitors but nothing confirmed and I shant get my hopes too high. 

Anyone who would like to visit…you are MORE than welcome.  The drive really isn’t so bad.  No worse than driving to Colorado.  Same boring plains, but if you have a good audio book…the time passes rather quickly.  Summers here, or rather in the lakes area, are very mild and enjoyable.  We plan to camp most weekends.  Our original plan was to have my parents come up in their 5th wheel and spend lots of time with them at the lake, but finances and not being able to find the right spot squelched that dream. 

So please…think about visiting Fargo.  Or…if you want to fly to Minneapolis and hang out in the cities…we will meet you there!



5 Comments to “John Steinbeck was right”

  1. Working on it!! 🙂

  2. You are having a baby!!!! Silly woman… – K

  3. yep working on that too but still want to see you AND for you to meet Hasty #3 or #5 depending on who you count!

  4. I’m hoping to come early for awhile and as late as possible before chance of snow for awhile. Keep some time for us.

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