Tad Overwhelmed…Party of One!

Between the church musical, the ice show, family visiting, soccer, track, looking for a house and mentally preparing to move and AFFORD a move and working full time…I am feeling WAY behind the eight ball.  My brain is in worry mode all of the time.  My husband will tell you that I have gotten a LOT better about my worrying problem.  I simply don’t do it.  I plan to fix things, but if I can’t do it right now there is no sense in worrying about it right now.  But today I feel anxious and out of control.  K is home sick today.  She hardly ever gets sick so of course that kind of puts me in a funk, but more than that if she doesn’t get better she can’t healthily go to the last ice show rehearsal then dress rehearsal and skate three shows.  And…if she doesn’t get better quickly I will have to miss work to stay home with her and I wanted to take off the end of the week when my sister and her family are here.  Then that thought reminds me that I need to clean my house and figure out how to afford food when I already shopped for 4 people for the week.  Hmmm….will that food go bad?  Should we have the same things just add more to it? I dunno. 

But all of this weighing on my mind I am droppin the ball on things. Forgot about a party K had on Saturday and she had to go without a present. I felt horrible.  And I don’t have any time to go shopping for one in the next few days so that she can give it to her late. Sheesh.

The best, worry free time I have had in a while was painting the musical set on Saturday.  Mindless labor that is enjoyable.  With other people from church.  It was nice. I laughed a lot and just had some good “me” time.  The set is going to be awesome.  Looks really good. Everyone is doing a GREAT job. It’s very exciting. Looking forward to more rehearsals and set construction.  Does my brain good. 

Today I am working while Mike stays home with K.  So that means he will make dinner and I can just go home and clean.  Or maybe I will clean tomorrow and have Mike take K to ice skating.  Gonna take it day by day. Try to get K well. Enjoy my company. I keep thinking if I can get through March I will be fine.  And its true…I will be. I always am. 



6 Comments to “Tad Overwhelmed…Party of One!”

  1. Poor honker. It seems like I have more days like you describe than I *don’t* have those kinda days. Hang tough. xo

  2. I am sorry you are stressing! Wish I was there to help. You will get it all done, you always do, cuz you are a rock star!

    Mike making dinner?? Aren’t you supposed to be making him steak tonight?? Hee hee.

  3. What’s this about steak??? 😀 There’s a story there.

  4. Oh I know the story… 😀 I was in Sweet’s living room when I first heard it.

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