Peaks and Valleys…Flooding Valleys

It’s only Tuesday.  This is the thought that keeps entering my mind today.  Some of you know I was home with my daughter last week.  She was diagnosed with Flu B and told by the doctor to stay home until Monday.  That was Wednesday morning.  We had a very busy weekend with the Krumps in town and K skating in the ice show.  It really flew by.  

Monday hit me like a smack in the head.  And I already feel like it should be at LEAST Thursday.  Most certainly the huge storm that is making its way into town worrying people and generally putting them in bad moods is not helping.  Tonight we are to expect another blizzard.  It is March 22nd.  Last year it didn’t snow in March once. Not once. I know because I lived here then and I remember it because at the time I was saddened by the lack of snow.  Not this year.  Seen plenty.  More than in my whole life.  

Now don’t get me wrong…Im not really sick of it.  Not like the other Fargoans.  You would think someone shot their dog.   It’s not really that upsetting to me.  It just means I will have to drive slower to work in the morning.  Spring will come a little later. But it WILL come. I shant worry about it.  I will eat tacos for dinner and fold laundry and watch TV just like any other day.  But the impending 6-16 inches expected over the next few days is adding to the fear of Fargo Flood Watch 2011.  That part I DO understand being worried about.  And you can’t escape it.  It is everywhere you turn. 

So…please keep us in your prayers.  However, I wanted to write about fun things today.  Like how awesome K was in the ice show. And she was. 

Her first venture into her own “thing”.  For a while it has been all about Z when it comes to watching and traveling for and generally running around.  But she is getting older now and has her own craft that she enjoys and wants to work at improving.  I think she is happy feeling more a balance in that area. On the Z front…he made the varsity track team and placed second in his first meet.  Very cool.  This is a sport none of us know much about.  I have never been to a track meet. I am sure there will be much learning involved.  Just like when we started with heavy duty soccer.  And now we’re pros. Or at least pros at being soccer parents 🙂  April is sure to bring great things.  K starts on her next level of figure skating and Z will be in deep in track by then.  

For those of you who don’t know…I got my ear pierced with my sister this past weekend.  

I was worried about infection because they give you so many rules, namely that I cannot sleep on my left side.  WHAT!?!?!? You couldn’t have told me this BEFORE you stuck a huge needle through my ear? Really.  OK then.  I tried the first night, but now that it doesn’t hurt…Im pretty sure I am sleeping on it.  Hopefully it is healing fine. No redness. No swelling.  Only itching. But that’s a good sign, right?  Nonetheless…I like it. It’s cute. Thanks Kimmy!

The Bachelor has passed and the Big Love series finale was kind of a let down.  I am now in search of the next big thing for me on TV. Still have all the little sitcoms of course, but it seems everything has been on a break.  Vampire Diaries and 90210 finally returning this week, but if anyone knows of anything new in the pipeline…let me know!



2 Comments to “Peaks and Valleys…Flooding Valleys”

  1. Could you drive to work today? On national news they were talking about two highways shutdown and all the snow Fargo was receiving and all I could do was think about you.

  2. Schools were closed, so since I work for the school district I didn’t have to. But I am sure I could have if I needed to. I went to the convenience store in my flip flops to get popcorn 🙂 Its a very wet and mushy foot of snow. Super tame compared to what we have had, but we need to use our snow days we haven’t used one of yet. – K

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