A New Calendar Page

I LOVE to turn the page on my calendar and start to fill it in!  It makes me happy to look at the blank month and start to fill it in with all our family activities.  This winter we have taken a break from all activities except for church.  That meant our calendar in January and February was still mostly empty.  It was nice to spend a lot of evenings at home and to get “recharged” as a family.  However, I am a person who likes to be busy.  I like the going from here to there, the practices, the birthday parties, the games, etc.  So, with spring upon us our calendar is looking so fun!

Joshua is doing soccer, so there are practices once a week and a game once a week.  Molly is in girl scouts and with the weather warming up there are more activities scheduled, including a weekend camping trip in April (I hope I don’t freeze!).  Joshua, Tom, and I are also all involved in 2 different musicals at our church, so rehearsals are definitely a part of our calendar!  Plus, Tom and I BOTH have a birthday this month!!  Maybe my husband will surprise me with a night out…hint, hint!

On my calendar I also menu plan for a month at a time.  It is so nice to have it done and know what’s for dinner each night.  Sure, we diverge from the plan once in a while, but that’s life.  This month we are going to try some more recipes in the Dinner in Your Deep Covered Baker cookbook, some recipes Kari has posted on this blog, and a new recipe a friend just e-mailed me for Creamy Chicken Taquitos.

When I step back and look at the calendar with the writing all over the place it makes me feel happy.  It makes me feel blessed that we are fortunate enough to be busy.  Does that make sense?  We still have our nights at home, we are not go, go, go all the time.  We have a family game night that is sacred to us.  Getting out of the house, meeting people, spending time with people we know, those things make my heart smile!  Happy April!!

P.S.–Sneak Peek at my May calendar has in BIG BOLD letters a visit to Savory!!!  Can’t wait!!



One Comment to “A New Calendar Page”

  1. This post is exactly WHY we are Sweet and Savory. SO DIFFERENT!!! Yet complimentary 🙂 I HATE being busy. And when I started reading I thought YES! I love a blank calendar page TOO! But then you went the other direction. I have felt downtrodden the last few days because my life is TOO busy. How can I be so busy without the majority of my friends around? Sheesh. I look forward to May because it will be a time to unwind and RELAX by the lake…with YOU! Which is why it is in bold letters on MY May too! 🙂 – Savory

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