Ready…AKA: Excited

Yes…Angela DID just blog, but I can’t help it, I have much on my brain, so please go read her entry entitled “Honesty” and then come back to this one. Go ahead…I’ll wait.

No really go. I don’t mind.

Oh you came back! YAY!  

This past weekend we tried the Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos that is posted in our recipe section.  It was recommended by our friend, Plunket.  It was SUPER TASTY!  I wanted to try both corn and flour tortillas, so I did half and half.  As much as I love corn tortillas, and they are MUCH better for you….they were pretty chewy and hard to cut through with your teeth.  The flour ones crisped up nicely and were devoured in seconds by the fam.  Also, I made a triple batch because it was dinner for four and not an appetizer.  I rolled them fat and had filling left over.  The next day I spread it on a tortilla, sprinkled some cheddar on top and microwaved for a super flavorful chicken quesadilla.  K gave it two thumbs up.  So did my waist line, but y’all know I love me some cheese.

Tomorrow I am trying a crock pot recipe from Better Homes.  It is Rosemary Chicken with Pasta. Now…I am not normally a huge fan of rosemary, but pampered chef has a rosemary blend that is pretty tame and I use it quite a bit, so I am going to use that instead of the fresh rosemary.  I know….slap on the hand, but oh well.  Personal preference.  And other than having to boil some water for the noodles it will be ready when I get home from work so that I can get to rehearsal on time.  It is TECH WEEK kiddies!  I live for tech week.  I love the frantic rush of making it all come together.  And I don’t think I can say enough how much I am loving the people involved with the worship ministry here. They are truly a delight.  Always lifts my spirits to be there.  So a normally tiring week ends up being a huge blessing. 🙂

With the river on the shrink and tech week upon us I will soon be back on track for summer planning.  Just days after school lets out we have the Currys coming for a week at the lake. CAN’T WAIT!  After that it is soccer, soccer and more soccer.  And our friends that were planning on visiting for the 4th of July are no longer, so I am trying to fill that with super fun Prekel 4th activities. The weather and fireworks here last year were AWESOME, so I am pretty certain we are staying in Fargo, but just not sure what the plan is yet.  Perhaps Mike’s parents will visit then.  The rest of July is full of more soccer and then Kelsey will be visiting Kansas and Zac to Idaho for a week or two.  My parents will be visiting around then too.  On weekends off I plan to camp as much as possible.  Definitely when both kids are gone…lake time with the hubs will be had.  

Ready for this week. Ready for summer. Ready for what is to come.



One Comment to “Ready…AKA: Excited”

  1. I am going to try the taquitos this month! I am glad to have 2 people who have tried them and liked them! Also glad to know ahead of time that I will need to multiply the recipe. Glad you are excited about tech week! It is so much more fun to be excited about lots of rehearsal than dreading it. I wish I could see your show. You should come here for the 4th! What day of the week is it? Hmmm…

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