A new do!

I need a new hairdo!!  I am seriously at a loss.  So…I am opening this blog for YOUR suggestions.  Tell me what hairstyle you think would look good on me, what color, highlights or not.  Post pictures of your idea.  I am looking for a great new do for summer and I DO NOT want to draw attention to the fatness of my face.  Ready…GO! – Angela


3 Comments to “A new do!”

  1. which one of you posted this? 🙂

  2. Depends on who you are….

  3. Angela did 🙂 – Kari MY hair is fried. I am in the process of growing it out til its all natural. Which has quite a bit of salt in the pepper. But its WAY healthier than the ends. Hope I dont just get fed up and shave it 🙂

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