Comfort Food

Whew!  Life has been so hectic for me lately!  It feels like I have been bouncing from one thing to the next.  I like to be busy, but it hasn’t really been busy as much as it has been a little problematic.

My grandmother, my dad’s mom, is ill and can’t live alone anymore.  So, she has moved in with my parents.  They are taking care of her and we are all trying to help get her house cleaned up and out so it can go on the market.  Emotions have been running high in this situation.  If you know me you know some of the challenges here, if you don’t, feel free to ask me.

Tom’s car was damaged by the hail storm we had several months ago.  He took it to the insurance booth and they said it is totaled.  Great.  So, our options are to keep it and they give us a salvage title making it almost impossible to ever sell it or trade it in…or…turn it into the insurance company for a piddly amount of money.  We decided to turn it in based on information we had.  Situations changed and now we need a car for him.  We are currently searching for the right car at the right price.

I am working on getting my daycare squared away for the fall.  Which kids will stay, which will not?  Some good things have happened in this area in the last couple of days, so I am optimistic that it will be good.  I also need to build my Pampered Chef business up again.  It has been neglected and I am ready to bring it back to life.  Who wants to party with me??

I have had some health issues lately.  My heart has been racing, having palpitations, and skipping beats.  This started a month or so ago.  I have been through many many tests all coming up normal.  For the last couple of weeks I have had none of those issues and have been grateful.  Today I woke up with them.  Heart racing, skipping a beat, and making me catch my breath.  It is exhausting.  It really zaps the strength right out of you.  The helpful thing is I have been able to put a few things together about the two episodes I have had and I think I may have an answer!  There is one medication I took in common with both times this started.  So, I am going off this medicine immediately and I hope this clears me right up.

Now that I have aired the things on my mind, this blog is about FOOD, right??  Lately dealing with life I have been craving comfort food!  I want things like spaghetti with pesto, grilled cheese with ham and tomato, macaroni and cheese, etc.  What about you?  What foods do you crave when stressed?  Do you reach for sweet or savory?  I am a savory girl.  I do like my sweets, don’t get me wrong, but I crave a good meal.  I love to eat.  I have posted my recipe for a shrimp casserole (I used chicken broth instead of vermouth) that I make that always makes me feel good.  You do the same!  Share your recipes for the foods you love!  Thanks for reading!



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