You wanna see pics of my fatness? AKA…time for change.

Monday Mike and I will start our journey on something I hope we can stick to together. We are embarking on the Couch to 5K nine week program. I tried it before with girlfriends, but they were already runners and he is my best accountability partner and motivator.   I have never run in my life, people.   As a kid in gym class I would claim cramps or injury to get out of running laps. I never played sports at all.  Running is like drinking water. Boring.

However, to reach my goals for a healthy, fit, mind, body and soul…this is now something I need to achieve.  My hope is that I will learn to love to run.  There is always room for wishful thinking 🙂  After reviewing the Couch to 5k plan I feel confident that this is something I can succeed at and is a good way to get my cardio up to speed so I can burn more calories, get fit, and lose weight.  I can’t even DO Power 90 right now because I am so out of shape.  Hopefully I will be able to do that with more confidence after the 9 weeks.  

The idea is that you run/walk in intervals, three times a week for 9 weeks. Mike and I are going to do Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6am.  There are a free podcasts on the internet, but we went with an app for our phone that alerts us when to switch from running to walking or vice versa.  And it runs Pandora or our own music or radio in the background so we can both listen to whatever music we want.   We just have to synchronize when we push “start”.

I just got to the point where I was sick of feeling icky and making excuses.  Someday won’t happen if your body gives out. So I might as well fix it now, while I still can.  So I decided to DO IT.  And we start Monday. Along with dietary changes of course. In addition, we are also doing Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover.  In 9 weeks I hope to see a new me.  I am also taking before and after shots of my body.  I won’t post now, but when there is a significant change I will add them on here. Hopefully you get to see the fat me in shorts and a tank top soon!   THERE is something I never thought I would write…but then again it will be next to a new and improved me. FINGERS CROSSED!



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