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September 15, 2011

Sioux Falls, Iowa? Yes, please!

OK…so I know it has been like six weeks since the last blog.  That is ENTIRELY my fault.  My family has moved from our townhome into a single family home in an older area of town and I am sublimely happy about it.  School has also started and since I work in the Professional Development department, this means I am busier than a one legged man in a butt kickin contest.  Nevertheless…I should have blogged about it.  And furthermore…maybe it ISN’T my fault.  Maybe Angela could have stepped it up a notch to fill in the gap in my much needed absence. Angela.  I have ONE thing to say to you.  “Why are we even friends?”  

THIS is her ringer for me when I call.  (Unless she has deleted it).  When we went to the cabin in Minnesota over Memorial Day weekend that was my thing to say to her whenever she didn’t agree with me. It cracked me up, so when she asked me to record her a message for her ringer for me I recorded that. 🙂  Along with some love of course. I’m not THAT mean. 

So this is where I should be telling you I never started on Couch to 5K or that the 6 week body makeover is more than that behind.  Or all of the fun things I have been doing to get this house Prekel ready and the fun paint colors my hands have been for weeks.  Or maybe something about the kids and soccer or ice skating.  No.  I think I shall reserve the rest of this blog for a plea.  A plea to my bestie.  I am going to be here in Fargo for Thanksgiving and Christmas and only coming back for a long weekend to see family the weekend after Christmas.  Yes…I will be in KC for a long weekend in October too, but these weekends are so spread thin trying to see everyone I never feel like I get a good chance to really VISIT with anyone in depth.  So…as a die hard Twihard TwiMom…November 18th Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out in theatres.  I would like her to meet me half way for a couple day and SEE THIS EPIC FILM WITH ME!!!!!!

 Come on Angela.  We have seen all 3 of the first ones …come on…