Tis’ the Season!

I KNOW!  It has been a long time since I have blogged…so sorry.  Instead of going back to all that has happened in the last several months, I am going to start with now.

It’s the Christmas season…only 4 more days, actually!  I LOVE this time of year the best!  I love the baking, the eating, the get togethers, the shopping, the giving, every part of it.  I even LOVE having my kids home with me for 3 weeks!  I am done with my shopping and with most of the wrapping too!  I have made 2 batches of fudge, cut-out sugar cookies, homemade frosting, and mint meringue cookies.  I have been to the mall in the midst of the busiest crowd I have seen.  We have seen Santa and even had a chance to give to those in need this holiday season.

I WISH WE HAD SNOW!!  It has been fluctuating from the 50s to the 30s and has been cloudy and gloomy.  This is not cheerful weather!  This weather has given me a cold!  Hmmm…the kids have been able to be outside more than last year, but seriously…I WANT SNOW!

Since cooking is what we really like to talk about, I am going to tell you about my goal for the new year.  It is to choose a cookbook and cook my way through it.  Each and every recipe, even if it sounds odd to me, I am going to try it!  I asked Santa for a cookbook stand for Christmas, so whichever cookbook I choose I will be able to display it nicely on my (newly uncluttered) countertops!  The decision I haven’t made yet, is which cookbook should it be??  Do YOU have any suggestions??

Merry Christmas!  –Sweet


One Comment to “Tis’ the Season!”

  1. The Food 52 Cookbook or Food Network Magazine Great Easy Meals. We aren’t a cookbook cooking family. I married a pretty great chef and he doesn’t use recipes for the most part. He only follows recipes to a T when it is like an Aarti recipe, because he is not familiar enough with the ingredients. We watch Diners Drive Ins and Dives and he can recreate it just from seeing and hearing about it. Tonight we are having lamb ribs. And now I am hungry 🙂 Good luck!


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