My thoughts about butter!

Mmmm…butter!  My assignment is to blog about butter.  Well, I am a fan!  : )  I have lots of memories of cooking with my mom and grandma, especially at Christmas, and we used butter!  I think it makes everything better.  It makes cookies so much better and other things a lot creamier.  One of my jobs when I was younger was to “cut” the butter so my grandma could mix it in to her cookie recipe.  I would just take a stick of butter and cut it and cut it until it was small pieces.  When choosing butter to cook with, I choose real butter, not margarine.  I know there is a big push to eat the fake stuff to be healthier, but it doesn’t taste as good!  What are YOUR thoughts on butter??


2 Comments to “My thoughts about butter!”

  1. I read an article last weekthat says the fake stuff is not good for you. Its almost plastic. The article says if you are gonna eat butter, eat the real thing, in moderation of course.
    I prefer the real thing too!

  2. yeah….leave margarine on your porch…forever…nothing will eat it. they know its bad for them. we can have fully buttered and salted popcorn on weight watchers and i have lost almost 10 pounds this last two weeks. i know its not much…i have 40-50 more, but its somethin!

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