Wine is really fattening…AKA, What I am learning on my weight loss journey

On Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 I started the Weight Watchers program. I bit the bullet, paid and have the WW app on every device I own. Its in my face all the time. It is VERY time consuming, but I think it needs to be so that I don’t stop paying attention to it. Being intentional about being a new me by Christmas that is. I don’t want to be this fat Kari when I turn 40. For those of you who do not know (and I can’t imagine there are many of you) I gained 70 pounds in the last few months of pregnancy with Kelsey. Mike and I tried Power 90 way back when. I lost about 30 pounds and then put it back on with poor habits.

I kept waiting to “hit bottom”. For the weight loss to mean more than the bad habits. The freedom of being lazy and eating wonderfully fattening food. You see, I am blessed with a husband who is a wonderful cook. Not just a recipe follower, or a grilling man, but a real chef. He loves food. So do I. We are self proclaimed foodies and spend a great deal of time watching tv on the subject, talking about and trying new foods. Its a deadly curse. But one that I have decided to make a sometimes thing, not a daily. It really is all about decisions. I stumbled upon a blog by Sheryl Yvette. She was the same starter weight that I am and she currently is around my ultimate goal weight. Here are a few things from her site:

Decide between yogurt and fruit for breakfast and feel good about your choice, or decide on donuts at work cause they’re “there”.
Decide if you’re going to take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Decide if you’re going to pack your lunch so that you are guaranteed a meal you like that’s within the points you’re willing to spend – of if you’re going to order take out because it’s easier.
Decide if you want to splurge for your birthday guilt free and get right back on track the next day.
Decide if you want wine with dinner. Or dessert. Or both. Or neither.
Decide if you’re going to challenge yourself to walk a little further, or add a few minutes to your workout.
Decide if you’re going to let someone push food on you, or if you’re going to stand up for yourself.
Decide if you’re going to stock your refrigerator and home with a healthy variety of food or succumb to temptations outside your house.

I make these decisions every day now.  To not be completely unrealistic in my goal setting I would like to set my ultimate final goal at Christmas.  I would like to lose  70 pounds by the end of the year.  That really is only about 6 pounds a month.  I can do that.  I KNOW I can.  I lost 6 pounds my first week WITHOUT working out.  This week I am adding workouts and hope to lose 4 more to complete my first baby goal of 10 pounds lost.  My next goals are 25, 50 and then the 70. 

Mike asked this morning what my rewards are going to be.  I really don’t know.  At those amounts I surely will be needing new clothing, but he says thats just a necessity.  What should my rewards be?  Let me know your thoughts and I will keep you updated on my progress!


12 Responses to “Wine is really fattening…AKA, What I am learning on my weight loss journey”

  1. So much $ for new wardrobe? Weekend away with a few girlfriends? A pony?

  2. Good Work KP. 🙂 I like using rewards that help reinforce the goal. Like I want a new bike, but am holding off until I hit my next big goal before I get it. Then it will help me get to the next goal.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. I’m so thrilled for you. I LOVED having new clothes as a reward… Cried in the fitting room more than once. But my favorite reward was my boudoir shot. That’s my suggestion! I still like looking at the pics and checking out my “new” body. Good luck, sweet friend. You can do this. You WILL do this. 😉 Mwah!

  4. good article!

  5. Love it! We can do it together! I am even making quinoa for dinner…wish me luck!

  6. How is it going? It’s a struggle, I know. I gained massive amounts of weight with both of my pregnancies. I’ve taken it off both times, but it’s taken a long time and a lot of work. If you’re still working on this, good luck to you!!


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