Who Writes This Blog? Read About the Girls!

Kari and Angela first met in Kindergarten in the quiet suburbs of Kansas City.  They were fast friends not only because of their opinions regarding the D’Nealian handwriting system, but also because they shared a love of the same cafeteria foods, namely chili and cinnamon rolls, and were in the same Brownie troop (Troop # 988 represent!).  A few years later Kari’s family moved away, crushing them both. Nearly 20 years later Kari found herself in Angela’s living room at a baby shower Angela was throwing in her honor, unbeknownst to either of them that their kindred spirits were sitting just across the circle of women.  It took their mothers conversation to realize that they were indeed old friends reunited.  In the eight years following, they raised their children side by side almost as siblings, but definitely best friends, as they are.

Fast forward to present day:


Angela “Sweet” Curry still enjoys the KC suburb life with her husband Tom and two children: Son J (9) and Daughter M (6). A home daycare provider by day and overachiever of all things June Cleaver by night and weekend, including being a Pampered Chef consultant, Angela loves being a mom and general do gooder for everyone within her realm of influence.  When she’s not baking cupcakes or leading  craft time for her kiddos, she loves to read, watch girl tv shows and eat the occasional whole bag of salad.




Kari “Savory” Prekel lives in Fargo, ND, with her ever relocating hotelier husband Mike and their two children: Son Z (17) and Daughter K (9). Administrative Assistant for the public school district by day and aspiring actress by night, Kari now practices the art of motherhood (AKA running kids to soccer and ice skating), participates in community theatre and has a pathetic addiction to teen programming which she watches from her couch in Fargo.  Sarcasm is her modus operandi.





Both sharing a love for food and looking for a fun excuse to interact with each other again, Kari and Angela decided to launch this blog to bridge the 600 miles between them and to create a virtual community to help them (and perhaps others) navigate the adventure of motherhood, cooking and general female angst.


5 Comments to “Who Writes This Blog? Read About the Girls!”

  1. I guess your mother and I started all this. Hope you are successful and enjoy every minute of it.

  2. LOVE!!! Love you both, but especially love this endeavor!!

  3. Kari, one of the best compliments I ever got was after a comment I made about why didnt I look as beautiful as one of the nurses at work. A male therapist, younger, single and cute, said beauty was about how you carried yourself, and he said he always thought I carried myself very well. Could have knocked me over with a feather, but it stuck with me so far the rest of my life. I try to teach it to all the women I know…hope I am getting through. I have always had problems with my self image, although at 58 it is not much of an issue anymore. Love you, Savory, and your pal I’m sure is sweet, but so are you.

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