June 22, 2011

You wanna see pics of my fatness? AKA…time for change.

Monday Mike and I will start our journey on something I hope we can stick to together. We are embarking on the Couch to 5K nine week program. I tried it before with girlfriends, but they were already runners and he is my best accountability partner and motivator.   I have never run in my life, people.   As a kid in gym class I would claim cramps or injury to get out of running laps. I never played sports at all.  Running is like drinking water. Boring.

However, to reach my goals for a healthy, fit, mind, body and soul…this is now something I need to achieve.  My hope is that I will learn to love to run.  There is always room for wishful thinking 🙂  After reviewing the Couch to 5k plan I feel confident that this is something I can succeed at and is a good way to get my cardio up to speed so I can burn more calories, get fit, and lose weight.  I can’t even DO Power 90 right now because I am so out of shape.  Hopefully I will be able to do that with more confidence after the 9 weeks.  

The idea is that you run/walk in intervals, three times a week for 9 weeks. Mike and I are going to do Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6am.  There are a free podcasts on the internet, but we went with an app for our phone that alerts us when to switch from running to walking or vice versa.  And it runs Pandora or our own music or radio in the background so we can both listen to whatever music we want.   We just have to synchronize when we push “start”.

I just got to the point where I was sick of feeling icky and making excuses.  Someday won’t happen if your body gives out. So I might as well fix it now, while I still can.  So I decided to DO IT.  And we start Monday. Along with dietary changes of course. In addition, we are also doing Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover.  In 9 weeks I hope to see a new me.  I am also taking before and after shots of my body.  I won’t post now, but when there is a significant change I will add them on here. Hopefully you get to see the fat me in shorts and a tank top soon!   THERE is something I never thought I would write…but then again it will be next to a new and improved me. FINGERS CROSSED!


June 16, 2011

Comfort Food

Whew!  Life has been so hectic for me lately!  It feels like I have been bouncing from one thing to the next.  I like to be busy, but it hasn’t really been busy as much as it has been a little problematic.

My grandmother, my dad’s mom, is ill and can’t live alone anymore.  So, she has moved in with my parents.  They are taking care of her and we are all trying to help get her house cleaned up and out so it can go on the market.  Emotions have been running high in this situation.  If you know me you know some of the challenges here, if you don’t, feel free to ask me.

Tom’s car was damaged by the hail storm we had several months ago.  He took it to the insurance booth and they said it is totaled.  Great.  So, our options are to keep it and they give us a salvage title making it almost impossible to ever sell it or trade it in…or…turn it into the insurance company for a piddly amount of money.  We decided to turn it in based on information we had.  Situations changed and now we need a car for him.  We are currently searching for the right car at the right price.

I am working on getting my daycare squared away for the fall.  Which kids will stay, which will not?  Some good things have happened in this area in the last couple of days, so I am optimistic that it will be good.  I also need to build my Pampered Chef business up again.  It has been neglected and I am ready to bring it back to life.  Who wants to party with me??

I have had some health issues lately.  My heart has been racing, having palpitations, and skipping beats.  This started a month or so ago.  I have been through many many tests all coming up normal.  For the last couple of weeks I have had none of those issues and have been grateful.  Today I woke up with them.  Heart racing, skipping a beat, and making me catch my breath.  It is exhausting.  It really zaps the strength right out of you.  The helpful thing is I have been able to put a few things together about the two episodes I have had and I think I may have an answer!  There is one medication I took in common with both times this started.  So, I am going off this medicine immediately and I hope this clears me right up.

Now that I have aired the things on my mind, this blog is about FOOD, right??  Lately dealing with life I have been craving comfort food!  I want things like spaghetti with pesto, grilled cheese with ham and tomato, macaroni and cheese, etc.  What about you?  What foods do you crave when stressed?  Do you reach for sweet or savory?  I am a savory girl.  I do like my sweets, don’t get me wrong, but I crave a good meal.  I love to eat.  I have posted my recipe for a shrimp casserole (I used chicken broth instead of vermouth) that I make that always makes me feel good.  You do the same!  Share your recipes for the foods you love!  Thanks for reading!


June 9, 2011

Being alone and feeling alone are two fundamentally different things. AKA – I missed the season auditions…again.

I love my kids more than a glass of merlot and a free cheese plate, but it’s amazing how lonely motherhood can be. Or..ONLY motherhood.  Before the big move to the great white north, I had a relatively small social appetite. I like dinner parties, having a few girlfriends over to watch bad TV and the occasional large group hang out at a local karaoke establishment. Now it seems that lacking this large group of eclectic souls surrounding me I am stuck home cleaning and preparing and driving around while the kids are out doing their things and the hubby is fishing.  Mind you…this is my SECOND summer of this. Maybe I should start with the fact that the online presence of the theatre community is severely lacking here in Fargo. FINALLY…after a year of waiting for the local musical theatre company to post their auditions, I found it a week late. And they audition for a whole season at a time. Meaning I have another year of nothing. So completely disheartening I can’t even put the words together quite right.

I suppose there are those moms who would say, “I’m with my kids all the time so I could never be lonely!” Those moms are either crazy or lying. At least that’s the way I see it.  I’m not REALLY alone. I always have a tag along of some sort. I long for “me time” on a regular basis, but I need my OWN things. Time spent doing the things that feed ME. I know this sounds selfish, but we make sure all of our kids have ample opportunities in the way of extracurricular activity, so why should it be any different for the parents? No matter where we live, my husband will always be able to fish. And I am certain SOMEday…I will get into theatre here, but in the meantime I would like to whine about it. So thanks for letting me.

And I really shouldn’t be feeling this way…on the heels of a week with my bestie and her family. Regardless of the weird weather that has decided to descend upon our globe this year, I had a relaxing and fun time, but was sad to see her go. Or at least hug her quickly before she departed after I had fallen back to sleep. Not that I would let her know that at the time. I let her cry and I cried later. It’s my way. 🙂

So in the meantime I will continue to call, text, email and facebook with her. And…drive my kids to the bazillion things they have going on and live vicariously through them. Of course, things will change…in the blink of an eye, as they say. Until they do… it’s a daily struggle between the many true joys of motherhood and the sense that I’m the only person in the world who knows how I feel.


May 19, 2011

A new do!

I need a new hairdo!!  I am seriously at a loss.  So…I am opening this blog for YOUR suggestions.  Tell me what hairstyle you think would look good on me, what color, highlights or not.  Post pictures of your idea.  I am looking for a great new do for summer and I DO NOT want to draw attention to the fatness of my face.  Ready…GO! – Angela

May 16, 2011

Long time no blog…AKA…the coolest things that have happened in a month

Yes…I KNOW it has been almost FOUR weeks since the last blog, but I have been INSANELY busy this past month. Here are a few things I WOULD have blogged about had I not been so busy.

1. About 70 people got baptized at church on May 1st. It was CRAZY awesome! Half in each service, so we got to witness about 35. It was on the heels of the baptism classes that are held at the church. We got to worship while we watched everyone getting baptized one after another. I was so choked up I could barely sing. It was truly one of the most moving things I have ever witnessed. I’d love for you to see it too, but I can’t get the video to work right. 😦 I got to go up and pray with and encourage my friend Marjorie from choir after. It was so cool. I was excited to be a part of it.  Is there anything better than this!?!?!?!

2. Zac qualified for state in track in the 4 by 2 relay. YAY Zaccy! 🙂 For never running track before that’s pretty neat. WE think 🙂

3. Kelsey passed levels 3 AND 4 in her four week course in ice skating. She was totally stoked. As her reward I bought her a skate bag to sew her patches on to. She was BEAMING when she came off the ice. Proud moment.

4. Mike and I tried Marcella Valladolid’s Shrimp Stuffed Chiles. We added a little sliver of manchego to the tops of these. Perfection. Loved everything about these. YUM!

5. Mothers Day weekend was spent in Blaine, MN at our first outdoor soccer tournament of the summer season. The boys got to the finals and then lost, but it was a fun time being outside cheering them on. They played well. After returning home I got to eat steak and crab legs. My favorite self-indulgent meal 🙂

6. I have been ridiculously sick. Seriously. My body is having a hard time getting used to the North Dakota allergens. As soon as spring had sprung I was down for the count. The trees here are a KILLER!!! I thought I was over it and then my chin started itching and I got worse Saturday night.  Today I am FINALLY on the mend I think after a week of it. Ug. My nose has taken a beating. It is completely raw and peeling. Very attractive I tell you. AND…this made me miss my praise team audition. Again. Always something. Stinkarific. Hopefully I can get that done soon.

7. Yesterday Mike actually went fishing. It was GORGEOUS out. I, being sick, watched several movies. The Dilemma with Kevin James and Vince Vaughn and GOAL! The Dream Begins. It was a soccer movie. For those of you that don’t know me very well I don’t like sports, but I ADORE sports movies. I would consider myself a sports movie junky. This irritates Angela. Only because one of her favorite movies, The Replacements, I have never seen. I actually continue to NOT watch it only because she wants me to. 🙂 Hee hee. Its my fun.

8. The CURRYS are coming! The CURRYS are coming! In less than two weeks. I am so excited I could pee my pants. The weather should be amazing. Not too hot, not too cold, but cold enough in the evenings to enjoy a good fire by the lake. Zorbaz pizza, smores, water trampoline fun, late night card games…all on the agenda. I even plan to take a nap on a hammock whilst listening to children playing and water lapping onto the shore. It is going to ROCK!!!














And that’s about it. This week is supposed to be in the low 70s all week and sunny. I am guessing walking, biking and tennis might be in my future.

Happy Monday all!!! – Savory

April 20, 2011

Stress, a Birthday, and Sickness

It feels like it has been a long time since I blogged.  I have been so busy and, even though I like busy, it is stressing me out!  I have several things going on that are all coming “due” near the same time.  So, I have been balancing my duties very carefully.  I have high hopes that everything will be done and even done well!  Though I do like the business…I will rest easy the first week of May when, for a bit, there won’t be anything pressing on me.  Until I hit VBS planning with full force!  ; )

Yesterday was my 35th birthday.  I don’t really like saying I am 35 for some reason.  Age hasn’t really bothered me before, so I am not sure what is different.  Birthdays are definitely not the same for adults as they are for kids.  My birthday was good, but selfishly I miss the fuss that you used to get as a kid when people were so excited about your birthday!  It stinks that work must go on and you are still accountable to your responsibilities on your birthday.  I should advocate everyone getting the day off on their birthday!  Hahaha!

To top everything else off, I am getting sick.  Last night I had a sore throat, swollen glands, and a headache.  This morning I have virtually no voice and all those symptoms.  I don’t know if it is sickness or allergies.  I do know that the Easter Cantata is Friday and Saturday and I can’t be sick for that.  So, let’s pray these symptoms go away quickly!  A few days of straight sleep would help, but just like your birthday, you can’t take a day off of life for sickness!

Happy Wednesday!

April 14, 2011


…with my next weeks menu.  I am ridiculously busy over the next few days and weekend.  Everyone post you and / or your family’s favorite meal and recipe and I will pick seven that seem the most different from things we usually fix AND from each other so that we get variety. I will let you know the winners after I pick late tomorrow.  And…GO!

Thanks! – Savory

April 11, 2011

Ready…AKA: Excited

Yes…Angela DID just blog, but I can’t help it, I have much on my brain, so please go read her entry entitled “Honesty” and then come back to this one. Go ahead…I’ll wait.

No really go. I don’t mind.

Oh you came back! YAY!  

This past weekend we tried the Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos that is posted in our recipe section.  It was recommended by our friend, Plunket.  It was SUPER TASTY!  I wanted to try both corn and flour tortillas, so I did half and half.  As much as I love corn tortillas, and they are MUCH better for you….they were pretty chewy and hard to cut through with your teeth.  The flour ones crisped up nicely and were devoured in seconds by the fam.  Also, I made a triple batch because it was dinner for four and not an appetizer.  I rolled them fat and had filling left over.  The next day I spread it on a tortilla, sprinkled some cheddar on top and microwaved for a super flavorful chicken quesadilla.  K gave it two thumbs up.  So did my waist line, but y’all know I love me some cheese.

Tomorrow I am trying a crock pot recipe from Better Homes.  It is Rosemary Chicken with Pasta. Now…I am not normally a huge fan of rosemary, but pampered chef has a rosemary blend that is pretty tame and I use it quite a bit, so I am going to use that instead of the fresh rosemary.  I know….slap on the hand, but oh well.  Personal preference.  And other than having to boil some water for the noodles it will be ready when I get home from work so that I can get to rehearsal on time.  It is TECH WEEK kiddies!  I live for tech week.  I love the frantic rush of making it all come together.  And I don’t think I can say enough how much I am loving the people involved with the worship ministry here. They are truly a delight.  Always lifts my spirits to be there.  So a normally tiring week ends up being a huge blessing. 🙂

With the river on the shrink and tech week upon us I will soon be back on track for summer planning.  Just days after school lets out we have the Currys coming for a week at the lake. CAN’T WAIT!  After that it is soccer, soccer and more soccer.  And our friends that were planning on visiting for the 4th of July are no longer, so I am trying to fill that with super fun Prekel 4th activities. The weather and fireworks here last year were AWESOME, so I am pretty certain we are staying in Fargo, but just not sure what the plan is yet.  Perhaps Mike’s parents will visit then.  The rest of July is full of more soccer and then Kelsey will be visiting Kansas and Zac to Idaho for a week or two.  My parents will be visiting around then too.  On weekends off I plan to camp as much as possible.  Definitely when both kids are gone…lake time with the hubs will be had.  

Ready for this week. Ready for summer. Ready for what is to come.


April 11, 2011


I am in the throes of a bad week.  I think I have talked before a little bit about Molly and her fits.  Well, this weekend she was in rare form.  I have been feeling like a failure of a mom.  I don’t think Molly is a bad kid, but she doesn’t know how to express her frustration in any other way but throwing a fit.  It is frustrating.  I have tried so many things.  I will be the first to admit that being consistent is the hardest thing for me.  I don’t like it when my kids have to miss out on things, so sometimes I provide ways for them to earn them back.  Well, not anymore.  Molly missed both birthday parties she was invited to this weekend.  That was hard.  Not only did she miss them, but she had to go in, give the present, and explain that she had to leave because of her bad choices.  This seemed to make an impact, she was definitely sad.  We also started a sticker chart that is now hanging on her door.  For each day she doesn’t throw a fit she will earn a sticker and to get to do anything fun we may have planned, she must have  5 out of 7 stickers for the week.  Yesterday was day one and she earned her sticker.  Today is good so far, but I have only seen her for about an hour before she went to school.  ; )

Also this weekend we were doing yard work.  I helped by digging out some grass in an area we want to put a new garden.  I also used the hand clippers to trim back all my rose bushes and some other bushes we have.  After doing this I could not stop my hand from trembling.  Seriously!  I could not take a drink, hold a pen, or keep my hand from trembling.  I was scared!  I, of course, googled and everything says see a neurologist, sending me into a tailspin of nerves.  I went to church last night all worked up adding to my nerves for Joshua who was in the kids musical.

Joshua performed in the church musical, GPS, and he did such a great job!  The musical was so cute!  The kids all did a fantastic job, the evening was such a blessing.  Joshua was a police officer who pulled over the main character for speeding…super cute!!

I came home and went right to bed…I was on overload!  Worrying about Molly, my hand, being nervous for Joshua, great performance, sick stomach…ugh!  I need a mental health day, but alas, it is not in the cards for me.  So, writing this blog is my outlet today.  I was feeling a bit better about things today until someone said to me “Molly just doesn’t seem very happy anymore”.  Crushed.  You never want to hear that about your kid!  I am now blogging and crying and praying for a better day.


April 7, 2011

We will plan on getting ice cream that day…depending on the flood.

I am finding it hard to settle on a blog subject today.  I know, I know…same as every other day.  But seriously…everything that I have going on in my life someone ends with the sentence “depending on the flood”.  Our church musical is opening next weekend.  We are entering tech week and have the opportunity to be featured on the morning news on Tuesday morning…depending on the flood.  I could go on, but I am sure you get the idea.  It is ALL about the flood.  And…it should be.  At least until we have done all we can to get people protected and the crest has come and gone.  Yesterday and today Z has been out of school sandbagging with friends.  The river is currently 4 ½ feet from the record flood of 2009. 

If you don’t know the impact of that flood…


So imagine only four feet from that.  Lots of roads are closed.  It takes a good 30 minutes to get to work.  In KC that was making GOOD time to get 11 miles, but in Fargo, 6 miles takes me no more than 10.

And still with all of this doom and gloom surrounding me…I am getting SO excited for the musical.  Looking forward to this week.  Time to tighten everything up and get to know some people better.  The cast is ridiculously talented and there is some music I am hoping they will let me use for other things.  Its really great. Beautiful melodies.  The set is AMAZING and last night we rehearsed with part of the orchestra.  A tad rocky, but isn’t that to be expected?  Especially without any percussion. 


I am so busy with this that I haven’t even talked about food!  How weird is THAT? I promise…next week. Tonight Mike and I are seeing Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion.  He received tickets at work and we are going with his AGM and his wife.  Really looking forward to it.  A night out with other adults. And no kids. To a performing arts event nonetheless…and FREE!  It doesn’t get much better than that. So, with that being said…I’ll talk to y’all next week…depending on the flood.