Stress, a Birthday, and Sickness

It feels like it has been a long time since I blogged.  I have been so busy and, even though I like busy, it is stressing me out!  I have several things going on that are all coming “due” near the same time.  So, I have been balancing my duties very carefully.  I have high hopes that everything will be done and even done well!  Though I do like the business…I will rest easy the first week of May when, for a bit, there won’t be anything pressing on me.  Until I hit VBS planning with full force!  ; )

Yesterday was my 35th birthday.  I don’t really like saying I am 35 for some reason.  Age hasn’t really bothered me before, so I am not sure what is different.  Birthdays are definitely not the same for adults as they are for kids.  My birthday was good, but selfishly I miss the fuss that you used to get as a kid when people were so excited about your birthday!  It stinks that work must go on and you are still accountable to your responsibilities on your birthday.  I should advocate everyone getting the day off on their birthday!  Hahaha!

To top everything else off, I am getting sick.  Last night I had a sore throat, swollen glands, and a headache.  This morning I have virtually no voice and all those symptoms.  I don’t know if it is sickness or allergies.  I do know that the Easter Cantata is Friday and Saturday and I can’t be sick for that.  So, let’s pray these symptoms go away quickly!  A few days of straight sleep would help, but just like your birthday, you can’t take a day off of life for sickness!

Happy Wednesday!


3 Comments to “Stress, a Birthday, and Sickness”

  1. Tea my friend, drink lots! Love you and see you tonight!

  2. Throat coat tea! Get some!!! Hyvee on Santa Fe has it in the organic section over by the health items. – K

  3. Happy belated B-day! With my FB fast, I am so out of the loop and I didn’t know 😦 I totally know what you mean about b-days! Hope you had an extra special day!!!!

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